Yoga Nidra

Since everything is a reflection of our minds, everything can be changed by our minds.


There is a force within
which gives you life
seek that

in your body
lies a priceless gem
seek that

o wandering soul
if you want to find the greatest treasure
don’t look outside
look inside, and seek that.


What is yoga nidra?
Learn to be awake yet asleep ~ bliss for your brain.  Yoga nidra is a yogic technique which guides us into a state of deeply restful meditative awareness and inner stillness.  Many studies have shown that a 20min yoga nidra session can be the equivalent to a 3hr sleep!  This will be a longer 40-50mins restorative meditation where you will experience emotional, mental, and physical relaxation and peace.


Respect your uniqueness and drop comparison.  Relax into your being.