Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Retreat: Trusting My Heart – Exploring Courage (1-day)

May my heart be kind.
May my mind be fierce.
May my spirit be brave.
Kate Forsyth


being & becoming. ~ from fear to courage ~ be transformed.
With hands to heart and eyes open, I trust the signs of my soul’s journey. ♡
Melissa Bowers

In her Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Retreat: Trusting My Heart – Exploring Courage, based on her 8-week program, you will learn how to better deal with your stress, negative emotions, pain, and anxiety – challenges that we all face on a daily basis.  You will be taught how to work through feelings of fear, and how to grow your courage – practicing breathwork, gentle movements, and guided meditations.  Learn more about the benefits, research, and science of meditation and stress management – using healing meditations, and journaling & creative art practices.  Feel new again, and find a stillness that allows you to listen with your whole heart.

Experience … how Mindfulness & Stress Reduction can help you to reduce stress, balance emotions, and quiet your mind when you feel anxiety.
Grow … your courage, and practice ways to release your fears.
Transform … and honour yourself.  Learn to focus your attention, and to be fully present in each moment.

MEDITATION BENEFITS  In meditation thoughts decrease and the mind becomes quieter.  Energy, previously utilized by the thinking process, is released and energizes the brain.  An energized brain is a happy, active, and attentive brain with open senses, and clear and enhanced perception.  There are so many positive effects of a regular meditation practice including: relaxation, calmness and optimism, increase in concentration, attention, creativity, motivation, empathy, and acceptance and compassion of self and others.

Mind full or Mindful

The positives of a regular meditation practice are endless::
… release fears
… improve depression
… reduce anxiety and stress
… relieve insomnia
… lower blood pressure
… relax the nervous system
… relieve muscle tension
… diminish intensity of headaches/migraines
… restore balanced function to the digestive system
… free the mind from self-doubt and inner talk
… generate optimism, self-esteem, confidence & motivation ~ expanding heartfulness

RESEARCH & SCIENCE  Want to know more about the awesome benefits of meditation?  Here are a few research articles that study the science behind mediation.  Click the links below to learn more about the measurable physiological changes in the brain and body.

Forever Young – Meditation might slow the age-related loss of gray matter in the brain, say UCLA researchers  (Feb 2015)

Stress Management – Interaction between neuroanatomical and psychological changes after Mindfulness-Based training  (Oct 2014)

Pain Relief – MIT and Harvard neuroscientists explain why the practice helps tune out distractions and relieve pain  (May 2011)


1-day Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Retreat: Trusting My Heart – Exploring Courage

DAILY FLOW  Our typical retreat flow::


Introductions & optional sharing

Breathwork + Movement + Meditation
Explore the mind-body-heart connection

12:00-12:15 Break

Spiritual Learning ~ Courage & {Healing Heart}

Lunch | Mindful Eating

Spiritual Learning ~ Cultivating Compassion & Daily Mindfulness

2:45-3:00 Break

Breathwork + Movement + Meditation

Q&A with optional sharing


Time:  9:30am – 4:00pm

Dates & Location:  To be announced.
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.  Details provided upon registration.


Registration:  $108 for the 1-day program.  Register online @ Eventbrite.

Bring:  Yoga mat, meditation cushion (optional), comfy snuggly clothing, blanket or shawl for your comfort, journal & pen, water.

To our core belief of being in service and in giving back, we are happy to offer 2 scholarships to this course if you are in financial need.  Alternate payment options may also be considered.  Simply send us an email Inspired.Melissa@outlook.com outlining your interest in meditation, and how you believe this program will benefit you.


You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.
Brene Brown