In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.  
Mahatma Gandhi


Intro to Mindfulness Meditation Program: Opening My Heart (6-weeks)

be present. just breathe.
Be inspired to open your heart and let love flow, let light enter, let your soul speak. ♡
Melissa Bowers

Learn about mindfulness meditation and how to be fully present in each moment. Get to know yourself better and create a daily personal meditation practice.  Honour yourself and your spiritual nature.


Mindfulness & Grief Meditation Program: Softening My Heart (8-weeks)

I carry your heart in mine, softly held, fiercely loved, infinitely together. ♡
Melissa Bowers

This program will allow space for a sacred circle of sharing, deep inner listening, and healing. You will be gently guided through the stages of grief – practicing breathwork techniques, gentle movements, and healing meditations.


Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Program: Trusting My Heart – Exploring Courage (8-weeks)

being & becoming. ~ from fear to courage ~ be transformed.
With hands to heart and eyes open, I trust the signs of my soul’s journey. ♡
Melissa Bowers

You will be taught how to work through feelings of fear, and how to grow your courage – practicing breathwork techniques, gentle movements, and healing meditations. Learn more about the benefits, research, and science of meditation and stress management.


Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love. 
Brene Brown