Intro to Mindfulness Meditation Program: Opening My Heart (6-weeks)

You cannot breathe deeply and worry at the same time.
Breathe.  Let the worry go.  Breathe.
Allow the love and intuition in.
Sonia Choquette


be present. just breathe.
Be inspired to open your heart and let love flow, let light enter, let your soul speak. ♡
Melissa Bowers

Learn about mindfulness and how to be fully present in each moment.  Get to know yourself better and create a daily personal meditation practice. Honour yourself and your spiritual nature.

In our Intro to Mindfulness Meditation Program: Opening My Heart, you will learn and practice breathwork techniques, gentle movements, and guided meditations.  Our classes are accessible to everyone, and Melissa encourages beginners to start wherever you are ~ just breathe.  All you have to do is be here.  You will learn variations on how to sit so that you feel comfortable in your practice.  And remember, meditation is a practice.  Please feel welcome.

NEW – We are offering a 1-day Intro to Mindfulness Meditation Retreat: Opening My Heart. Registration and details can be found on our Retreats page.

Intro to Mindfulness - 6 week program

CLASS FLOW  Our typical class flow for a 1-hour session::
•  breathwork (pranayama) 10~15mins
•  movement (light stretching & gentle yoga) 15~20mins
•  meditation (seated or lying down savasana) 25~35mins
•  Q&A with optional sharing

Week 1 ~ Breathing Mindfulness

Week 2 ~ Body Mindfulness

Week 3 ~ Cultivating Compassion

Week 4 ~ Emotional Mindfulness

Week 5 ~ Daily Mindfulness

Week 6 ~ Deepening Your Practice


This 6-week course is offered twice a year in April-May & October-November.  It is held in the Barrie area, weekly on Wednesday evenings.

Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Dates & Location:

BARRIE  | April-May & Oct-Nov 2021/2022 TBA. Location will be in the south-end of Barrie, and announced closer to the start date.


Included with your enrollment:
•  Program workbook.
•  Inspired Digital Downloads: 4 guided meditations from this program, for easy download to your phone (iPhone, Android), computer, or tablet.
Guided meditations: Breathing practice, Sitting, Body Scan, Mindful Movements.
•  Weekly 1-hour sessions with breathing practice, meditation, and Q&A.
•  Some classes will include gentle mindful movements.
•  Continuing education and support through our website and social media.

Program fee:  $160.  Pre-registration is required.
1) Register online @ Eventbrite or 2) Send us an email

Bring:  Yoga mat, meditation cushion (optional), comfy snuggly clothing, blanket or shawl for your comfort, journal & pen, water.

To our core belief of being in service and in giving back, we are happy to offer 2 scholarships to this course if you are in financial need.  Simply send us an email outlining your interest in meditation, and how you believe this course will benefit you.


Meditation is not just for relaxation; it’s primary purpose is to develop the capacity to respond skillfully and gracefully to life’s difficulties as well as it’s joys.
Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche