My beloved.
I carry your heart in mine, softly held, fiercely loved, infinitely together
Melissa Bowers

Breathing is life changing

I am honoured to support and guide you in the grief and mindfulness practices that have helped me move forward in my healing journey.

I know they will help you.

Simple changes that will impact every area of your life. Starting with breathing practices that allow for stillness, gentle yoga movements to shift energy both emotionally and physically in your body, and meditation practices to open your heart and listen with intuitive awareness.

Grief is all encompassing and affects our mind ~ body ~ heart and spirit.

In grief, our breathing can become very shallow, you may even find yourself holding your breath. We are often unaware of how we hold our body physically, hunched forward or slouching back, sometimes laying down in the fetal position, wanting to protect our heart.

There is no way around grief, it is a journey we will all encounter, and it is true as they say, ‘you must feel the pain to heal the pain’.

Grief can be even more challenging because it brings old wounds to the surface. Our past feelings, memories and traumas we thought we had dealt with can further compound and complicate our grieving process.

When we are honest, open, and vulnerable, we can begin to heal the heartbreak and trauma we have hidden.

Sometimes even from ourselves

My grief journey …

I know that when you lose someone you love, your life suddenly changes forever.

We are left alone, struggling, and feeling completely broken.

Even when surrounded by well intentioned family and friends, it’s important to feel heard, to be supported, and to really connect with someone who understands, so we are comfortable sharing our deepest pain.

Nothing could prepare me for the death of my beautiful 22 year-old daughter Natasha.

My life work is dedicated in honour of her

Grief is a journey that is not linear but we can heal, we will walk through the stages of grief together to honour your loved one and create a meaningful life full of love around your loss.

It takes courage to transform.

There is a spiritual alchemy to transform deep grief and pain into meaning.

My role as a grief educator & guide is to gently guide you through the stages of grief, supporting you with the tools and practices for times when courage is not enough, when you feel fragile, when you feel stuck and uncertain, when you feel completely overcome by grief in what feels like an eternal darkness, and at times when you may feel unable to breathe.

I know it takes courage to take the next step in your healing journey.

Fear is a normal and natural feeling and can keep us trapped in our suffering if we don’t take action to heal our hearts.

To even want to move forward when you are in grief can feel like a betrayal.

I also know it takes a tremendous amount of trust to open your heart and move beyond the suffering of your loss.

I have learned that their is hope.

You can create meaning in your life and in the life of your loved one

Breathe with your whole heart

If you are struggling right now, try this.

Place your hand on your heart.

Bring your attention to your breath.

Just breathe.

Breathe with your whole heart.

Become aware of the natural pattern of your breathing, and pay attention to the inbreath, the pause, and the outbreath.

Try to bring a rhythm to your breath, breathe IN for 3 seconds, pause, and breath OUT for 3 seconds. Once you have settled into a comfortable rhythm, start to count a full breath, with a full breath being the IN breath, the pause, and the OUT breath.

Begin counting, 1 full breath, 2 full breath, 3 full breath, and so on. You may find you stop counting and you are breathing without having to monitor yourself. As you practice breathing with intention, you become mindful of your thoughts and feelings, and aware of your emotional thought patterns.

Mindful breathing is the most powerful practice to connect your mind ~ body ~ heart and spirit in your healing journey

As a Certified Grief Educator & Guide, I am committed to providing you with the highest level of grief support through education, experience, and insights into the often unacknowledged rocky terrain of grief.

A note from Melissa …
Thank you so much for your interest in connecting with me. If you’re feeling called to receive guidance let’s schedule your free 30min Mentorship Connection call, to share your story, ask questions, and determine if one-to-one mentorship is the right fit for you. I look forward to our journey together x

Our Mentorship Connection call will provide you with both an answer and a map you can use.

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Healing doesn’t mean forgetting,
it means remembering with more love than pain.

David Kessler

Certified Grief Educators completed a certificate program designed by world-renowned grief expert, David Kessler. They bring his unique methodology, tools, and decades of experience to help people navigate the challenges of grief.