The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts. 
Marianne Williamson


Intro to Mindfulness Meditation Retreat: Opening My Heart (1-day & 2-day retreat options)

be present. just breathe. 
Be inspired to open your heart and let love flow, let light enter, let your soul speak. ♡
Melissa Bowers

Learn about mindfulness meditation and how to be fully present in each moment. Get to know yourself better and create a daily personal meditation practice.  Honour yourself and your spiritual nature.


Mindfulness Meditation & Grief Meditation Retreat: Softening My Heart (1-day, 2-day & 5-day retreat options)

I carry your heart in mine, softly held, fiercely loved, infinitely together. ♡
Melissa Bowers

Melissa shares her 3 personal experiences of loss, as she connects the dots to find a lesson, a meaning, and a legacy in each beautiful life. This retreat will allow space for a sacred circle of sharing, deep inner listening, and healing. You will be gently guided through the stages of grief – practicing breathwork, gentle movements, and healing meditations.


Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Retreat: Trusting My Heart – Exploring Courage (1-day & 2-day retreat options)

being & becoming. ~ from fear to courage ~ be transformed. 
With hands to heart and eyes open, I trust the signs of my soul’s journey. ♡
Melissa Bowers

You will be taught how to work through feelings of fear, and how to grow your courage – practicing breathwork techniques, gentle movements, and healing meditations. Learn more about the benefits, research, and science of meditation and stress management.


Sacred Heart Meditation Retreat – Restorative Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra: Light In My Heart (1-day, 2-day & 5-day retreat options)

be love. 
One love, one light, one you, shine your heart bright just like a shooting star. ♡
Melissa Bowers

Experience & feel::  calm::  self-love::  stillness::  healing::  your heart
YOU are MAGIC 💫🔮✨  Our Sacred Heart Meditation Retreat is based on our {Sacred Sundays} restorative yoga nidra (yogic sleep) meditation sessions.  This is a place for you to reconnect with yourself, in an intimate and peaceful session of intentional rest.  We will begin with mindful breathwork and gentle yin postures.  Yin yoga is a slow-moving sequence, designed to promote passive release and achieve a deep stretch, suitable for all levels.  There will be more time spent experiencing different types of meditation throughout the retreat including guided seated meditations and longer lying down yoga nidra sessions.  We will learn about alchemy & sacred healing, and creating self-care rituals.  Each retreat holds space for a sacred circle of sharing, deep inner listening, and release with healing.


Silent Meditation Retreat: Listening To My Heart (1-day & 2-day retreat options)

be still. 
It is when I sit in silence that the world quiets and my heart’s desire can be heard. ♡
Melissa Bowers

Make time to unplug and reconnect with yourself. Retreat from the busyness of everyday life, and experience the transformative benefits of being silent. Find a stillness that allows you to listen with your whole heart.


Mind Body Heart (MBH) Entrepreneur Retreat: My Heart Centered Business – Levels 1 & 2 (2-days each level)

be inspired. 
My wish for you is the courage to follow your dreams, share your gifts, and teach from your heart. ♡
Melissa Bowers

Have you been dreaming of starting your own business, are you exploring business ideas, or answering ‘a calling’ to be of service, is it time to share your heartwork, or maybe you have already started on your path?  Our Mind Body Heart Entrepreneur retreat is focused on helping meditation, yoga, & spiritual teachers, wellness practitioners, healers, therapists, creative artists & makers, plus anyone interested in taking the leap into entrepreneurship, launch or grow their business.

Level 1 | Sat Sept 12th & Sun Sept 13th, 2020

Level 2 | Sat Sept 26th & Sun Sept 27th, 2020



International Meditation Retreats: Healing My Heart (3-day & 5-day retreat options)

be blessed. 
May I be blessed by angels, may starlight bless my way, may moonlight bless my dreams, may sunlight stream blessings upon me, may birds carry blessings to me, may blessings from the ocean purify me, and may I bless myself in the Temple of Healing. ♡
Melissa Bowers

Travel changes your life, you become more YOU – more accepting, more caring, more giving, more understanding, more knowing, and if you are lucky it leaves you seeking … more life!

Madrid Meditation Retreat: Healing My Heart (3-days)

Join us for our 3-day Healing My Heart Meditation Retreat, held in Madrid, Spain on August 7th-9th, 2020! This retreat is limited to 12 spaces to allow for a sacred circle of sharing, deep inner listening, and release with healing.



Bali Meditation Retreat: Healing My Heart (5-days)

We are excited to announce our 5-day Healing My Heart Meditation Retreat will be held in. Bali, Indonesia on February 15th-19th, 2021! This retreat is limited to 12 spaces to allow for a sacred circle of sharing, deep inner listening, and release with healing.



As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
Marianne Williamson