Being a Pilgrim: Walking the Camino

My beloved, Being A Pilgrim, Being A Human Being, same same, right? Let’s first explore what a pilgrim and pilgrimage is. PilgrimA pilgrim (from the Latin peregrinus) is a traveler (literally one who has come from afar) who is on a journey to a holy place. Typically, this is a physical journey (often on foot) to some place of specialContinue reading “Being a Pilgrim: Walking the Camino”

Crossing a Threshold: Walking the Camino

My beloved, I have been intrigued by the idea of energy vortexes and spiritual portals for as long as I can remember. Whether it be doors, windows, or any type of natural or structural archway such as fallen trees or stone bridges, I see magic ‘openings’ of sorts, maybe it’s the possibility of a newContinue reading “Crossing a Threshold: Walking the Camino”

A Blessing: Camino de Santiago, Spain, May 2022

My beloved, I have a deep reverence for the synchronicities that aligned in my life and directed me to my spiritual pilgrimage in 2022. My pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela came about for several reasons. I had known about the Camino for decades, and had researched it many times over the years, I had roughlyContinue reading “A Blessing: Camino de Santiago, Spain, May 2022”